Things To Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo on our body seems to be much easier than when it comes to its removal. Sometimes the most favored tattoo on our body loses its meaning with time. When it happens to need to go for a tattoo removal, there are various methods for removing a permanent tattoo from our body such as dermabrasion, through chemical peels and creams, but the most favored and the most effective method is the laser tattoo removal technique. Laser tattoo removal is a gold standard method for it has got the least side-effects. They are only done by properly trained specialists.

How does laser tattoo removal technique work?

The laser tattoo removal method is done by laser lights that are highly concentrated coloured light beams. These concentrated beams of light are passed through the skin and are directed where the tattoo is on our body. These beams of laser light break the ink particles in our skin into tiny fragments. These broken up tiny fragments are later cleared up by our body by the regular wear and tear of cells.

Depending on the depth of the ink inside our layer of the skin, the laser tattoo removal session may take several weeks. The most of the time is taken for the wear and tear of the cells and the natural healing of the affected cells of our body. In addition, the laser only targets the ink inside the layers of skin. The ink gets broken into smaller and smaller particles are naturally washed away through our bloodstream.

Does laser tattoo removal method affect our skin?

No, not much. During the laser tattoo removal method, the laser only targets the ink without affecting much of the surrounding skin. However, this tattoo removal method may cause pain or lead to blister formation. This happens due to the heat generated by the beams of the laser.

laser tattoo removal

Is it possible through laser tattoo removal method to completely clean a permanent tattoo?

No, absolutely not. The ink of the tattoo can be removed but there will be a scar or a ghost impression on your skin after the laser tattoo removal. The impression of a pre-existed tattoo will be there on your skin. There is no such technique which guarantees you a 100% tattoo removal without scars.

Does it hurt during laser tattoo removal technique?

The pain you feel while getting a permanent tattoo is equal to that when you are undergoing laser tattoo removal. The pain in your skin will be caused by the rapid pulses generated by the laser. Lasers are concentrated beams of light. Getting a burning sensation on your skin is common when you are having a this type of tattoo removal.

Does laser tattoo removal has any side effect?

Yes, it has got some side effects. After a laser tattoo removal, the skin may show hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin or hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin. Depending on the size of the tattoo and also the skin of the individual, this type of tattoo removal may cause infection and a permanent scar on that part of the skin.

So, think wisely before getting a permanent tattoo and also when deciding to remove it.

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