Tattoo Removal Machine Types

The need for getting rid of tattoos has led to the invention and evolution of tattoo removal machine, and it can be found in various types today.

Tattoo Removal Machine – What Are The Different Types To Use?

These days, an increasing number of people are going for tattoo removal after getting tattooed on an impulse and regretting their decision after a while. This has led to a surge in the demand for effective tattoo removal machine and equipments. The tattoo removal industry is witnessing people from across the globe searching for safe ways to get tattoos removed without having any skin scars. Find out about some of the most effective and popular tattoo removal equipments that can be found today.

Q-Switched Laser

These are primarily of 2 types – Active and Passive. The former uses modulators to pass energy waves and can emit stronger and faster pulse repetition rates as compared to Passive Q-switched lasers. Q-Switched Lasers are regarded as one of safest techniques for removing tattoos without any risk of skin scarring. These emit energy pulses to destroy the tattoo ink, without causing any damage to the skin. Once the ink is damaged by the high energy pulses, it degenerates and then finally disappears.

YAG Laser

This is a form of Q-Switching Laser, and happens to be one of the best tattoo removing machines. Most laser equipments function through the emission of Photothermal pulses, which are high heat energy pulses. However, YAG Lasers emit Photoacoustic pulses that are safer and also hasten the tattoo removing process to less than 10 minutes.

tattoo removal machine

Multi-Wavelength Capability

Inks of various colors need varied wavelengths for effective removal. While eliminating blue, black and other dark inks, wavelengths more than 1000nm are required for effective degeneration of the ink. Wavelengths a little more than 500nm are needed for treating inks of brighter colors, like pink, yellow and red. In case the present tattoo removal equipment does not offer you a sufficiently wide range, you can buy or upgrade to an extra machine.

Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser is not used as a standard tattoo removal machine, but can be a very useful addition for you. It functions by targeting only small skin portions at a time. It is used widely for treating anti-aging, sun damage and scars. In addition, it can also be used for the treatment of scars obtained from sub-par tattoo removal sessions. Fractional laser can also be useful for the treatment of scars remaining from injuries, removal of wrinkles, removing variances in skin pigment etc.

PICO Second Q-Switch Laser Equipment

It is regarded as a revolutionary tattoo removal machine, and promises to go beyond YAG lasers that are very effective for eliminating tattoo ink from the skin. PICO machines can ensure tattoo removal in 40% the time taken by traditional Q-Switch Lasers. PICO Q-Switch lasers can act in picoseconds, while YAG Lasers take nanoseconds to emit pulses. Thus, PICO lasers pass trillions of pulses every second and can remove tattoos much quicker.

The tattoo removal practice is becoming more and more widespread, and this has led to more advanced equipments coming into the market. You can use these for safe and effective removal of tattoos even long after they have been etched onto the skin.

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