Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal

The invisible ink tattoo removal process can be safely conducted with laser technique, and you should have a proper idea about it.

What Does Invisible Ink Tattoo Removal Process Involve?

It has been a practice for some time to get etched with UV-reactive ink to get a non-visible but permanent tattoo. In this method, an invisible mark is put over the skin. Once it is exposed to UV light, the invisible mark shines with an intense color. These are extremely popular tattoos for anyone who need a very different etching, and do not wish to disclose their tattoos in public for some reason. Even for this type of tattoo, Laser tattoo removal technique is the most effective, reliable and safest method for removal. It does not leave any scarring or visible signs. Find out what the invisible ink tattoo removal process actually involves.

Proper Expulsion Of Tattoos

Most tattoos are removable in form, and especially when laser technology is used. Those etched with dark ink can be removed most quickly. Tattoos etched with various colors – such as brown, purple, dark green, blue, orange, yellow and red – can be removed. Greenish blue, green, blue and light green are the colors that are then most difficult to remove. It is possible to blur such colors, although complete removal can be difficult. You may discuss with a qualified surgeon about other tattoo colors that can effectively be removed.

invisible ink tattoo removal

Safe Removal Of Tattoos

Qualified surgeons use only laser that is meant for the invisible ink tattoo removal process, and not one that is useful for various treatments. You should get in touch with a surgeon having knowledge about the form of laser that needs to be used on the skin for tattooed pattern removal. Expert surgeons use proper equipment, such as goggles, to keep their eyes protected. They also use equipments that pass a deep approval process. This kind of laser transmits a non-ionizing radiation, and there are no risks of any abnormal cell development or cancer.

Type Of Lasers Used

Fully safe lasers are used in Ink evacuation facilities for safe and effective ink removal from the skin. Superior lasers are used where two light wavelengths are used for separating tattoo ink from the skin. A surgeon will be the best person to ask about which type of laser will be the best in your case, and what are the chances of success when it is used for the ink removal process.

No Risks Of Scarring

When the process is conducted by a professional and renowned surgeon, there are no risks of scarring of the skin. You should stay away from being treated in centers that have experts lacking proper medical knowledge or training.

Waiting Time

In case of most patients, 1 month is the standard waiting time between two sessions. For those with tattoos having colorful and bright ink on the skin, 6 weeks of waiting time is needed. You have to consult an expert surgeon from a cosmetic clinic, so that you can find out about the treatment that will work the best in your case.

When conducted properly and with full efficiency, the invisible ink tattoo removal process carries maximum chances of success.

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