How To Remove Tattoo At Home

Do you want to remove the temporary tattoo at home or have you got a permanent tattoo that you want to treat with household remedies? The temporary tattoo is easier and safer to remove when compared with treating permanent tattoos at home. When it comes to the permanent tattoos, removing them by laser beams or surgical excision is a bit painful and also costly. Those of you who want to skip those parts, they can go for some home remedies. Here are how to remove tattoo at home:

When It’s Permanent, How To Remove Tattoo At Home

At home, the tattoo removal process by certain cream does work. Tattoo removal cream helps to gradually fade the permanent tattoo on your skin. This process is worked by a cream that acts as a bleaching on the inked skin using Trichloroacetic acid which is the main ingredient of the various tattoo removal cream available on the market. These chemicals generally peel skins and while doing so, may cause burn to the skin.

Remember, if you have any type of skin condition avoid the use of any kind of chemical for removing the tattoo at home. Although the cream does not enter the inner layers of the skin, the very few amounts that leak into the layers of the skin can help in fading the ink of the tattoo. You will be applying certain chemicals on your skin while removing the permanent tattoo so, know well on how to remove tattoo at home before proceeding.

how to remove tattoo at home

When It’s Temporary, How To Remove Tattoo At Home

Temporary tattoos are basically images on a paper coat that has a transfer film. This process of screen printing allows colors to stick on the skin firmly creating different images. So, not only they are safer than permanent ones, they are also easy for home tattoo removal. The most efficient ways to remove it without affecting your skin are Scrubbing where you first apply a little of baby oil thoroughly over the temporary tattoo. Wait a minute to let the baby oil sit on the temporary tattoo. Rub it thoroughly and gently with a clean cloth over the tattoo. Wash off the remaining tattoo with warm water and Use a soap after that.

The next most favored method of removing tattoo practised at home is Peeling. Stick a clear tape on the tattoo. Press it thoroughly all over the tattoo. Let the glue stick to your skin. Peel off the clear tape gently. You will see tattoo has stuck to the tape. Rub the area with an ice cube.

The last is said to be the most efficient way of home tattoo removal is by Nail Polish Remover or Ethanol. Take a little of the nail polish remover or ethanol on a cotton ball and rub it thoroughly over the temporary tattoo. Then wash it off with warm water and use a mild soap.

Take good care of your skin when removing any kind of tattoo at home. Also, know the chemicals you are going to use before applying.

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