How To Remove Henna Tattoo?

Henna is a strong dyeing sign that leaves a strong impression on the skin after it is applied. So, there is no such product available in the market that can remove henna stains from the skin at once. It takes multiple sessions to remove the stains of henna tattoo from the skin. The different products or the chemicals available will only help to slowly fade the stains of henna from the skin, so they have to be applied multiple times in order to completely remove the henna tattoo. To know how to remove henna tattoo, be careful about the chemical you are using.

Before you get to know on how to remove henna tattoo, you should first find out what chemical suits your skin, for you might get rashes and irritation if the used chemical is not appropriate with the skin type depending on individuals. It is also recommended to consult a dermatologist for how to remove henna tattoo for you may not be aware of your skin type.

Below are the top 3 techniques concerning how to remove henna tattoos:

How To Remove Henna Tattoo by Bleaching

The most efficient way for removing the stains of henna tattoo is by the process of bleaching. There are various types of skin bleaching agents available in the market, generally in the cosmetic sections. Select one that suits your skin the best. Prepare it as directed and apply it thoroughly over the henna tattoo. Wash it off with normal tap water. Continue the process until the stains get lighter and finally fades away. There must be a certain interval between the periods of applying for it will help the skin to generate and heal naturally.

how to remove henna tattoo

How To Remove Henna Tattoo with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural stain remover. So for those who are prone to artificial chemical bleaching intolerance, applying lemon juice is considered to the best homemade remedy. Lemon juice is very much safe for the human skin but it effectivity depends from person to person on their skin texture. Squeeze some lemon juice and apply it thoroughly all over the henna tattoo. Do not rub it vigorously as it might damage the layers of the skin. When the processes are done, wash it off with cold water.

How To Remove Henna Tattoo by Using Chlorine

This method is especially for those henna tattoos that has become extremely tough to remove. Considering all factors of individual’s skin, chlorine is regarded as a safe chemical for removing henna tattoos. Depending on the skin type, some may get an itching sensation and can even get an irritation, but that are not much to worry. Take a bowl of hot water and add some chlorine in it. Dip your henna stained skin in the bowl and leave it for about 2 to 3 minutes. Rub gently at a certain interval. Continue it for some more sessions until you see your henna getting off from the skin.

Henna is considered to be a very safe dyeing sing for the skin and henna tattoos are very easy to remove. First know well about your skin and then go the most efficient way for how to remove henna tattoo.

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