How To Remove Fake Tattoos?

Fake tattoos are mostly called temporary tattoos. These tattoos are mostly images on a paper coat that has a transfer film. This process of screen printing allows colors to stick on the skin firmly creating different images. The temporary tattoos that we stick on our skin are usually made of different chemicals that may not go with the skin, depending on individuals. On the other hand, if you keep that tattoo for too long, it may clog pore and may even cause irritation. So, it is even more important to know how to remove fake tattoos as most of them can be done with households.

Here are three ways of how to remove temporary tattoos:

1- Scrubbing

This is a method where first you apply a little of baby oil thoroughly over the temporary tattoo.

If you have some face scrub or body scrub, apply them. they will be better than the oil. Keep it like that so that the baby oil can sit on the temporary tattoo. Wait for a minute. This will help the skin to soak the oil and loosen the tattoo. Get some soft cotton washcloth. Rub it thoroughly and gently over the tattoo. Continue till most of the tattoo gets rubbed off. Wash off the remaining tattoo with warm water. Use a soap after that.

how to remove fake tattoos

2- Peeling

The method is more like the type the tattoo was glued to our skin. Get some clear tape.  The better the glue is, the better will be the outcome. Press it thoroughly all over the tattoo. Let the glue stick to your skin. Peel off the clear tape gently. You will see tattoo has stuck to the tape.  Rub the area with an ice cube.

3- Nail Polish Remover or Ethanol

It is considered to be the most efficient way of removing a temporary tattoo. Using ethanol is the quickest way of removing the temporary tattoo. Take a little of the nail polish remover or ethanol on a cotton ball and rub it thoroughly over the temporary tattoo. You will see that the temporary tattoo is getting off your skin in just one rub. After you are done with the temporary tattoo wash your skin with warm water and use a mild soap.

Conclusion – How To Remove Fake Tattoos

Most of the fake tattoos one can get from the market use certain chemical that may or may not be harmful to the skin depending on individuals. Fake tattoos are not meant to be kept for long on the skin for the chances of getting a condition gets high. Stick it on you skin for about 3-7 days at most, and remove it properly so it does not clog your pores. They are more or less very safe to apply on one’s skin useless they are allergic to certain conditions. The first thing to check after getting a fake tattoo is if it causes irritation and rashes, and the last thing to check is if you have cleaned it properly from your skin.

Before getting done know how to remove fake tattoos.

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