How To Remove A Tattoo In Easy Steps?

Tattoos are a form of art inscribed on our skin with some different colored ink. Through a sharp object, the ink is injected into the layers of our skin forming a permanent mark on that part of the skin. Each culture has their own way of creating tattoo art. The most common and widely practiced method is by the needle. But when it comes to its removal, they surely give us a lot of hard times. If we go through how to remove a tattoo, we will find that none of the techniques offer a spotless removal.

The most widely practiced and the most efficient way of moving a permanent tattoo is by the process of laser treatment. But even that method does leave a ghostly scar on the skin where the tattoo was inscribed.

To know how to remove a tattoo, we should first know what the different procedures are practiced removing a permanent tattoo.

Which Steps To Take For How To Remove A Tattoo?

Including surgical excision, there is no method that can remove the ink of the permanent tattoo from your skin in a day. For laser removal, you have to go for a certain number of weeks and for each of these sessions you have to pay a certain amount of money. If you want to go for using tattoo removal cream, you must apply it for every day unto several months.

Whatever steps you follow there is no technique yet discovered that can remove your permanent tattoo spotlessly, even without the ghostly scar that remains after the removal.

how to remove a tattoo

The selected four techniques that assure an efficient tattoo removal:

  1. How to remove a tattoo by laser technology

The removal of a permanent tattoo by the process of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the most expensive and is the most favored by people. It is widely known as the laser removal since, in this process, pulses of light are emitted into the layers of skin having the ink.


  1. How to remove a tattoo by surgical excision

The removal of a permanent tattoo by the process of surgical excision is effective and less painful since under anesthesia (depending on the size) the skin having the ink will be cut off and the remaining skin will be sewn back together.


  1. How to remove a tattoo by dermabrasion

The removal of a permanent tattoo by the process of Dermabrasion is relatively less painful and time-consuming. Here in this process, the skin is sanded away by means of applying certain bleaching chemicals. A lot of strong harmful chemicals are used so proper care for the skin is must during and after the process.


  1. How to remove a tattoo by homemade remedies and cream

The removal of a permanent tattoo following some home remedies is the least effective and the most time-consuming. You can use some lotions or some type of cream, but they will never remove the permanent tattoo. Only they will help to fade the ink inside the layers of the skin.

So, before going for one, know well how to remove a tattoo.

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