7 Things To Know Before Tattoo Removal

Sometimes we regret the permanent tattoo that we did at our younger age and now the meaning of it has completely changed. It has become a scar for the life. Carrying that permanent tattoo now is kind of an embarrassment. Now you want to go for that tattoo removal at any cost. In present days, you do not have to worry about the tattoo removal as there are various painless procedures for the removal and yes, they are completely harmless.

On the other hand, there are back draws for tattoo removal such as no procedure guarantees you complete the removal.

Is Permanent Tattoo Removal The Best Effective Way?

The process concerning tattoo removal is mostly done by laser. So, in most of the cases, at best, the tattoo will partially fade and while doing that, will leave a partial ghost scar on the skin. These lead to the change in the texture of skin and may sometimes get an infection.

But before going for the tattoo removal, keep these things in mind:

  1. The very first thing is that you should make up your mind whether you want to cover up your existing permanent tattoo with some new art or do you really want to go for a tattoo removal procedure.


  1. The procedure for permanent tattoo removal is not a work of a day. You have to sit for multiple sessions, the time ranging between 5-7 weeks. The Permanent removal takes a lot of time for the skin that needs to be recovered between the removal sessions.

tattoo removal

  1. The rate of successful tattoo removal depends on various factors and varies from person to person. The permanent tattoos are within our skin layers. So, factors like the position of the tattoo, the age of the person with the tattoo and the most important, the one who has done that tattoo is an amateur or a professional artist. The procedures for the removal depends on the difference in saturation, depth of the ink into the skin and uniformity.


  1. The age of your tattoo also plays an important role when going for a tattoo removal. The older tattoos are easier to remove when compared with comparatively newer ones.


  1. The most important of all, know about the permanent tattoo, how they are done, which layer of your skin gets affected, what ink will suit you the best, how will you take care of the healing process and many more. If you are aware of the certain facts, chances are less that you will go for a tattoo removal in the future.


  1. There are some side effects of tattoo removal. When you have done your the removal, the affected skin will show signs of hyperpigmentation, the skin at that part will either get lighter or darker.


  1. Lastly, when you are done with your tattoo removal, avoid the use of any kind of antibiotics. you have to do so because the majority of antibiotics triggers your skin’s sensitivity to light that can delay the natural healing process of your skin.

So think carefully before going for a permanent tattoo on your body.

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